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   D2.1 Clinical Review
A literature review specifying all basic data items and target indicators required to construct diabetes reports at the European level
 July 2006

   D3.1 Common Dataset
The general design matrix used to collect data from each participating entre: a template for any individual GP, primary care unit, outpatient clinic, hospital, and region that might be interested to contribute data according to the BIRO standards.

January 2007

   D5.1 Preliminary PIA Report
An overview of privacy requirements and relevant legislation for connecting diabetes registers, followed by a general analysis of the proposed data flow and the definition of alternative candidate architectures
December 2006

   D5.2 Privacy Impact Assessment Step 2
Materials, methods and results of a Delphi Consensus Panel that has selected the best architecture to connect diabetes registers according to privacy protection, information content and technical complexity
September 2007

   D7.1 Report Template
A report presenting the complete structure of standardized Diabetes Reports that can be easily replicated across Europe running BIRO on top of the Common Dataset previously identified
July 2007

   D4.1 Data Dictionary
Definitions of all data components included in the BIRO database
October 2007

   D4.2 XML Metadata Dictionary
The XML representation for the storage and mappings of data components required for BIRO
October 2007

   D6.1 Database Engine
The software tools which may be used by each centre to connect to the local register, to extract relevant data for BIRO purposes and finally to store them into a local BIRO database.
January 2008

   D5.3 Privacy Impact Assessment Step 3
The Analysis of privacy and confidentiality issues of the BIRO Architecture and data flow
September 2008

   D8.1 Statistical Engine
A set of powerful statistical tools to transforms data gathered in different regions into usable information and customizable reports
April 2009

   D8.1 Statistical Engine appendix - source code
The complete source code developed for the Statistical Engine
April 2009

   D14.1 Web Report Base
A first version of BIRO Statistical Report. It is delivered in pdf and html format in order to be easily integrated into BIRO Web Portal.
April 2009

   D5.4 PIA Step 4 Final Report
This Privacy Impact assessment Report compiles the results of all previous phases (Preliminary Analysis, Data Flow Analysis, Privacy analysis) in a structured way
May 2009

   D14.4 BIRO Monograph
The final BIRO report describing activities, workpackage and results achieved during the project
May 2009

   D2.2 Clinical Review Update
An update to the overview of the existing literature in order to propose a set of relevant measures collected routinely at the provider level that can also be used for benchmarking of diabetes prevention and care in the different European health care systems.
May 2009

   D7.2 Reports Template Update and XML Metadata Reports
An update to the template presenting the complete structure of standardized Diabetes Reports
May 2009

   D11.1 Web Portal Template
A technical description of the BIRO web Portal, the access point to the statistical reports and other products of the BIRO Consortium
May 2009

   D12.2 Technology Transfer Analysis
A report about the feasibility of implementing the BIRO Information system, the potential benefits and difficulties in transferability, considering the logistical and socio-cultural differences existing in BIRO countries.
July 2009

   D6.2 Database Engine Update
A report about the development of BIROBox, the comprehensive interface to access, configure and run the BIRO system.
July 2009

   D14.3 Plenary Session
The summary report of BIRO Plenary Sessions held in Brussels and Perugia.
July 2009

   D4.3 Dictionary/XML Update
An update on the documentation created in WP3 Common Dataset and WP4 Data Dictionary based on partners feedback, evaluators feedback and new requirements of the Statistical Engine.
July 2009

   D14.2 Web Report Revised
An example of the BIRO Statistical Report produced by the BIRO Central Engine.
September 2009

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