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The B.I.R.O. Project gathers seven public institutions from different regions of Europe.
  • The Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Perugia (Italy) is coordinator of the project. Its activity builds upon extensive work in the field of diabetes research and clinical practice, receiving significant co-funding from Regione Umbria for the establishment of the Umbria Diabetes Register, an activity that will proceed in parallel with the development of B.I.R.O.

  • The University of Dundee (Scotland), Joanneum Research Institute (Austria) and University of Bergen (Norway) are high caliber partners with an extensive experience in the field of diabetes management, built over a solid track record in the coordination of regional and national programs involving the development of diabetes information systems

  • Participation of institutions from Romania, Malta and Cyprus will allow for B.I.R.O. to explore new ways to engage New Member States and Accessing Countries in the creation of permanent diabetes registers that are crucial for the collection of reliable information at the European level

  • The Institute of Diabetes “N. Paulescu” (Romania) involves experts in the field of telemedicine that have been already involved in similar activities in Eastern Europe.
  • The University of Malta (Malta), with a growing expertise in the field of diabetes monitoring, provides B.I.R.O. with the opportunity of starting an extensive data collection in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The participation of the Cyprus Ministry of Health will reinforce our presence in the South-East, matching expectations of the local government that is currently looking for new solutions in the field of health promotion, including enhancing diabetes care and prevention.
Details and links to the participating institutions follow: 

  For project partners coordinates please click on the partner logo

  University of Perugia


University of Perugia
University of Perugia
Dipartimento di Medicina Interna
Perugia , Italy

Scientific and Financial Co-ordinator

Contact person: Prof. Massimo Massi Benedetti

  University of Dundee


University of Dundee
University of Dundee
Division of Medicine & Therapeutics,
Dundee, UK

Contact person: Dr. Douglas Boyle

  Joanneum Research


Joanneum Research
Joanneum Research, Forschungsgesellschaft mbH,
Institute of Medical Technologies and Health Management
Graz Austria

Contact person: Prof. Thomas Pieber

  University of Bergen


University of Bergen

University of Bergen
Department of Medicine, Stavanger University Hospital
Stavanger , Norway

Contact person: Dr. Svein Skeie

  Institute of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic disease "Prof. N. Paulescu"

Institutul de Diabet, Nutritie si Boli Metabolice Prof. Dr. N. Paulescu

Institute of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic disease
“Prof. N. Paulescu”,
Electrophysiology Laboratory
Bucarest, Romania

Contact person: Dr. Simion Pruna

  University of Malta


University of Malta

University of Malta
Department of Medicine, Medical School
G'Mangia, Malta.

Contact person: Prof. Joseph Azzopardi

  Ministry of Health, Republic of Cyprus


Republic of Cyprus

Ministry of Health, Republic of Cyprus
Department of Health Promotion
Nicosia , Cyprus

Contact person: Dr. Karitini Komodiki


for further information - B.I.R.O. Coordination Centre : DIMI - University of Perugia - Via E. dal Pozzo, I-06126 Perugia - Italy
Tel: +39.075.5727627 Fax: +39.075.5727627 E-mail:biroeu@unipg.it